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4 million pounds

May 29, 2006

On August 22nd of last year I started keeping a spreadsheet of my physical activities: weights, running, etc. Today I passed the 4 million pound mark.


Da Vinci Code Diet

May 25, 2006

Loading my groceries onto the conveyor belt this morning I noticed that Woman’s World featured a DVC Diet on page 18. (more…)

Kalvin’s Kommentaries

May 23, 2006

John Calvin wrote a lot of Bible commentary, and if you read enough of it you see he starts to repeat himself. But you never know just what you’ll find.


Dream Theater

May 20, 2006

I was playing Cranium and Boggle with some friends last night and one of them had brought Dream Theater’s “Scenes from a Memory.” This was part 2 of something, the title escapes me right now. I had never heard Dream Theater before (though I’d heard the name) and was blown away! My late arrival shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me . . . I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” for the first time (and last time) in 1990. Didn’t have my first taste of macaroni and cheese until circa 1995 (I think I’ve had it twice since then). And it has taken me six years to figure out a dissertation topic. (Thank God I’ve got that now.)

(An aside: Am I the only person who thinks the Pizza Hut take-out box looks like an advertisement for the Nazis? They’ve got a tic-tac-toe board on it in black and red that for all the world looks like a swastika at first glance, and a kid next to it with Hitler Youth written all over him.)

Anyway, I’m getting ready to purchase some of their stuff. Just checked the Frequelize This page and determined that “Octavarium” will be on the list, but would appreciate any additional information—primarily, which albums, if any, are not worth my time.

Swimming vicissitudes

May 19, 2006

The good news is that I got myself into the pool 5 days this week for between 25-30 minutes. Yesterday I had a small breakthrough: I realized that if I turn my head to breathe as my arm is reaching forward, it’s much easier. I think I was breathing when the arm had already been extended. So I’m going along better than I had been, when the girl I was sharing my lane with told me I looked like I was lifting my head out too high. I tried to adjust, and things fell apart from there. I saw the beatific vision, but only for a moment.

Today was just bad. My goggles started to leak big time—very distracting. Thinking I’d go to plan B, I used a kickboard—but my left leg got a big cramp in it near the hip. But on the positive side, the water was cool on this hot day (96 degrees) and I’m getting a mean tan. Soon I won’t be ashamed to stand (on dry land) next to Mr. Speedo!

DVC for Mr. Speedo’s fever

May 17, 2006

It’s almost a certainty that Mr. Speedo gets all his non-swimming information and opinions from this blog; so I can’t sit here and let him starve for want of talk of the biggest exposé in human history, of the biggest coverup in human history. We’re not talking hippopotamus history, though you can take my word that hippos are notorious for coverups. We’re also not talking about the history of smores-fork manufacturers, even though they comprise a subsection of the “human” category and, like hippos, have been involved in their share of coverups.

Is this the very same CVH?

May 17, 2006

I don’t know why I decided to read about extreme skiing in the French Alps at 12:35 a.m., but imagine my surprise when I came across a familiar name:

chad obit

This guy is a few years younger than me, which leads me to believe that our old classmate is still alive, and not transformed to a splotch of Californian goo at the bottom of a French crevasse. But I wonder if it’s more scary, or more exhilarating, to fall 490 feet to one’s death.

Not gonna talk about The Da Vinci Code

May 15, 2006

I ranted about this in July 2004, so I won’t bore you all here. (That blog entry only got 2 comments, and one of them was from my mom . . . so that is one index of its general interest.) I will just say that this book is so pseudo-intellectual it makes me smile, in a sort of contemptuous way. One has to be completely ignorant in order to look past Brown’s abuse of historical facts; and has to be scared of Christianity in order to get any sort of thrill from Brown’s Jesus/Magdalene plotline. For those interested in reading more, see, brought to you by the US Catholic Bishops. See, they do some good!

I can’t swim well

May 15, 2006

Yep, it’s pretty bad. Last night I managed to go all of 8 laps in 27 minutes—that’s 1200 feet. For those of a calculating bent, that is 44.4 feet per minute, or just under 8 inches per second. To be fair, most of that time is spent spluttering and panting at the pool’s edge—when I’m actually swimming, I’m moving faster than this.


Enter the Wortschatz

May 14, 2006

When starting a new blog, the world is the blogger's oyster. There's nothing he can't do—or so it seems for the first 24 hours. Anyway, let's play a little vocabulary game. I'll give a word and use it in a sentence, and whoever wants to can guess at its meaning. Click "read more" for the answer.


"I wis he might have discerned them better, if he had looked on their own selves, and not have tooted in a stone to see them." (from a 1565 Protestant treatise against the cross)

For the German-impaired: "Wortschatz" means "vocabulary" (literally, "word-treasure"—what a great word).