Swimming vicissitudes

The good news is that I got myself into the pool 5 days this week for between 25-30 minutes. Yesterday I had a small breakthrough: I realized that if I turn my head to breathe as my arm is reaching forward, it’s much easier. I think I was breathing when the arm had already been extended. So I’m going along better than I had been, when the girl I was sharing my lane with told me I looked like I was lifting my head out too high. I tried to adjust, and things fell apart from there. I saw the beatific vision, but only for a moment.

Today was just bad. My goggles started to leak big time—very distracting. Thinking I’d go to plan B, I used a kickboard—but my left leg got a big cramp in it near the hip. But on the positive side, the water was cool on this hot day (96 degrees) and I’m getting a mean tan. Soon I won’t be ashamed to stand (on dry land) next to Mr. Speedo!


One Response to “Swimming vicissitudes”

  1. Mr. Speedo Says:

    I don’t know… Sounds like your timing is still off… But keep working at it. You will probably go through that process a few times – getting comfortable/confident then someone tells you you are doing something completely wrong or potentially injurious (is that a word?) and you will feel like you are starting over.

    But if you can do anything at all when its 96 degrees in Texas, you are the man. I’ve been there, and I just turn into a jelly-like substance that is generally worthless.

    Mr. Speedo

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