Dream Theater

I was playing Cranium and Boggle with some friends last night and one of them had brought Dream Theater’s “Scenes from a Memory.” This was part 2 of something, the title escapes me right now. I had never heard Dream Theater before (though I’d heard the name) and was blown away! My late arrival shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me . . . I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” for the first time (and last time) in 1990. Didn’t have my first taste of macaroni and cheese until circa 1995 (I think I’ve had it twice since then). And it has taken me six years to figure out a dissertation topic. (Thank God I’ve got that now.)

(An aside: Am I the only person who thinks the Pizza Hut take-out box looks like an advertisement for the Nazis? They’ve got a tic-tac-toe board on it in black and red that for all the world looks like a swastika at first glance, and a kid next to it with Hitler Youth written all over him.)

Anyway, I’m getting ready to purchase some of their stuff. Just checked the Frequelize This page and determined that “Octavarium” will be on the list, but would appreciate any additional information—primarily, which albums, if any, are not worth my time.


One Response to “Dream Theater”

  1. Mark Says:

    …Never heard of them either… And I didn’t see Empire Strikes Back until 1985, so that’s worth something I suppose.

    “Scenes from a memory” sounds very postmodern, though, so be careful…

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