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June 27, 2006 – Chancellor’s death linked to job stress – Jun 25, 2006
Whoa, check that out. She jumped off a skyscraper.

This woman made some news last year by criticizing Lawrence Summers, president of Harvard, for daring to suggest that men and women may be biologically different. She also came under fire for hypocrisy . . . but Victor Davis Hanson says it so much better than I (note: this is longish, but well worth the read):


Page proofs

June 22, 2006

I just received an e-mail with a pdf file of the page proofs for my first published article. What was 20 pages in Word (double-spaced, standard margins) became 11 pages in the journal’s formatting. If anybody wants to read it, holler and I’ll make it available non-publicly. Just to tout the article a little: I summarized the argument for a black NFL player on a flight once a few years ago, and he said it made him proud to be black! I kid you not. I didn’t know I could have that effect on a brotha.

Go check out the pix

June 22, 2006

Oosterlander’s got some pix up on Flickr now . . . go there and view them.

Is this sound historical method?

June 16, 2006

I’m taking a break from reading a certain book on “visual hermeneutics”—the interpretation of images—and I’m about ready to find and kill the author. As an example of how a picture can be interpreted in different ways, the author quotes a description of an 8th-century icon:

Birmingham abortion clinic surrenders license after baby’s death

June 15, 2006

AP Wire | 06/14/2006 | Birmingham abortion clinic surrenders license after baby’s death. THIS has got to be the new Exhibit A in the case against the ability of post-religious society to provide any kind of moral direction.

New word

June 15, 2006

The big story on cable news yesterday was of Karl Rove’s being off the hook in the Valerie Plame incident was the big news. “Rove will not be frogmarched across White House lawn.”

Unless one knows what it means, one suspects Rove would have had a couple of gendarmes walking him across the lawn.

Enter the Wortschatz: naughtypack

June 15, 2006

Naughtypack is one of those words that needs to be brought back. This from Arthur Golding’s translation of John Calvin’s commentary on the Psalms:

“. . . namely, to despyse froward persons & naughtypackes, . . .” (on Psalm 15)
“. . . while the wicked and the naughtie packs are in their ruffe, and welter themselues in their delights . . .” (on Psalm 37)


Maritain on Art and Beauty

June 11, 2006

Jacques Maritain, one of my heroes-in-realization, wrote Art and Scholasticism in the 1920s. This is a book I will need to read twice—and will enjoy reading twice. Here’s a nice quotation from page 44:

No form of art, however perfect, can encompass beauty within its limits, as the Virgin contained her Creator. The artist is faced with an immense and lonely sea, and the mirror he holds up to it is no bigger than his own heart.

Engrish ebay listing

June 8, 2006

This is for a handcrafted peacock-feather fan:

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If you have any question please email us .If you are not intend to buy, no matter for what reason, please don’t bid! Think before you please the bid respect yourself!

Boot time

June 5, 2006

Wow, somebody just got booted from the grad program here! Kind of makes me feel like finishing ASAP, just in case the people in charge start asking what I’ve been up to for the past 6 years . . . Actually, I’m making good progress now that I have narrowed down my project and focused my thesis. Plus, by the end of the year I’ll have had two of my essays published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, which is a lot more than most grad students manage. And these are not little piddly things like you find in Notes & Queries (though those snippets are often interesting). Let’s just say that the first one makes me the Alastair Fowler of African-American slave poetry, and in the other I expose the theological obtuseness of much of the past 30 years of scholarship on one of England’s finest Elizabethan poets. Are they gonna kick the Alastair Fowler of African-American slave poetry out of the program? I didn’t think so.