MOL checking in for the weekend

What a day. Went grocery shopping in the morning, and saw Leonardo da Vinci on the cover of the Sun. This was about him, apparently—not something DVC related. The caption on his pic read “Famed prophet Leonardo da Vinci.” This reminded me of students I’ve had who describe the Bible as “the highly recognized book honored by the mainstream religion of the United States.” Lawda mersah.

Did some “real work” in the afternoon, and went down to the hike-n-bike trail at 5:15 with three friends. They all jogged the 4.72-mile route, but since my shin hurts (probably from being so fat) I decided to bike it instead. So I made it around twice while they ran it once. I managed to fly off the bike at one point, too—with witnesses. My political conservatism helped me navigate this potential wreck, and come out of it with only a scuffed inner knee. Had I been liberal, I’d have expected the government to step in and get me out of the mess I’d put myself in, and you know how long FEMA takes to respond. I’d have been a goner.

After that we all went to the campus pool, where I sunk like a rock because I’m so fat. No, I jest. I actually made 13 laps in 30 minutes today, a new record. Yipee. And now I’m going to Mr. Gatti’s to get my pizza buffet on. OH KIDS. It’s foul pizza, and I feel degraded every time I stuff myself there, but I keep going back at about 5-month intervals. The suicidal instinct, shall we call it.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to hang out at the pool with Brad, and I think we’ll be checking out King Kong (I think he Netflixed it). Call me MOL: Man Of Leisure. I just hope the other poolgoers don’t tease me because of my weight problem.


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