Page proofs

I just received an e-mail with a pdf file of the page proofs for my first published article. What was 20 pages in Word (double-spaced, standard margins) became 11 pages in the journal’s formatting. If anybody wants to read it, holler and I’ll make it available non-publicly. Just to tout the article a little: I summarized the argument for a black NFL player on a flight once a few years ago, and he said it made him proud to be black! I kid you not. I didn’t know I could have that effect on a brotha.


One Response to “Page proofs”

  1. Evan Says:

    Of course you can have that effect on a brotha – due to the many years you spent under T’s tuteledge. Your article must deal with how to be somebody and not be somebody’s fool.

  2. Mark Says:

    You make be proud to be an American, for what it’s worth.

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