What’s Curly doin’

Well, what’s new with Curly?

Just bought a new pair of shorts across the street because I forgot to bring a pair with me to campus today . . . and I ain’t working out in my swimming trunks.

Have decided to shelf the swimming for a while. I was getting nowhere, and going to the pool was more stressful than relaxing or invigorating. I got too many things going on right now to mess with that. After these next two projects are done, I may return to the aqua.

Working on a web site, letterhead, and business card design for a scholarly venture. Illustrator is pretty tough, and I’ve got the bruises to prove it. Why do Photoshop and Illustrator have to work so completely differently? Deselect All is Apple+D in Photoshop, but Apple+Shift+A in Illustrator? That’s retarded.

Working on a video montage/trailer for another professor. Final Cut Pro also can hold its own against me, but not like Illustrator. Just once it would be so satisfying to throw one of the lab’s cinema displays into a wall . . .

And as soon as I post this entry to the ol’ blog, I’m starting a new workout regimen. This is Arnold’s “Beginner, Level II” program, wherein the exercitant works the whole body three times a week. I did Level I in 2002 for a while, which entails full-body coverage two times a week, and from there I drifted into my current routine of full-body once per week. Doing the whole once per week means you do one bodypart per visit to the gym, and you do a lot more movements than if you were working it thrice weekly. Still, just on paper this Level II program looks like it’s going to kick my proverbial buns of steel. Arnold says in his Encyclopedia something about how hard it is to work legs, even psychologically, because it’s daunting thinking about having 400-500 pounds resting on your shoulders: “or 200-300 pounds if you are a beginner.” Sheesh. I feel like I’m going to be pressed through the floor with 200 lbs, and my piernas de pollo would probably snap with 300. But did I mention I bought a weight belt? That thing is great. It’s pleasantly surprising how much more you can lift when you don’t have to worry about your spinal cord springing loose onto the floor.

Oh, there is more. So much more. But talk is cheap, and I have evil to fight. And if you’re one of the three people I e-mail regularly, you know all the other good stuff already (I mean the fire, the “Al Capone” scene at my advisor’s townhouse, my one-day mentoring of a 16-year-old atheist [and his dogs!], and all the rest).

Breakfast tacos rule.


One Response to “What’s Curly doin’”

  1. Monique Says:

    I love Illustrator…let me know if I can help.

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