Anybody looking for work?

I’ve got jobs coming out of my ears. Recently I was contacted about teaching writing and AP English lit at a nice prep school; this job I declined, because I am already teaching at two universities this fall, both of which jobs were basically handed to me (one through my institutional standing, the other through personal connections). And tonight I got a call, with a setup for teaching a literature class in the spring at a different university; I was recommended by a professor who teaches there. What am I gonna do with all this extra kwan? Or the better question is, will I still have time to work on my dissertation? (Or even better—will my gym time be safeguarded?)


2 Responses to “Anybody looking for work?”

  1. Mark Says:

    That’s all part of the vast conspiracy – They keep you too busy to finish your dissertation and therefore you are perpetually ABD and therefore in instructor/temp limbo where they use your talents to further their own evil agenda. And you know who THEY are…

  2. LEVI MBAWA Says:

    what ever your hands find to do, do it. You have a few years on your peak to be useful BUT DONT BURN YOURSELF OUT. if u are that porpular then let them pay real good for who u are. take advantage of your opportunities and your prevailing demand. Build your future but maximise your present.

    Levi Mbawa

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