Facing Middle Age With No Degree, and No Wife – New York Times

Facing Middle Age With No Degree, and No Wife – New York Times

The caption on the first photograph in this article reminds me of the Simpsons episode in which the Van Houtens divorced. Mr. Van Houten moves into an apartment community with lots of juvenile amenities, such as beds shaped like racecars. Mr. VH tries to impress Homer with his new independence: “I sleep in a racecar!” Homer pulls him back to reality by replying: “I sleep with my wife . . .”

A couple of highlights from the article:

There is no conclusive evidence that marriage helps men. Still, some social scientists worry that not marrying may further marginalize men who are already struggling.

It’s all about self-esteem, baby! Feeling good about #1. Yeah. Notice how the article manages to say something without really saying anything: what exactly does it mean to say that “marriage helps men.” All men? Marriage in general, even the most ill-advised? And isn’t “social scientist” a really strange term? Sounds like someone who considers himself in a position of transcendence over his “data”—as if he studies society from a privileged outside vantage point. My perhaps undertheorized response to such people is “What . . . everrrr!” And they “worry” that some loser might wake up and actually perceive himself as a loser? Attention Social Scientists: first of all, it is not your job to worry about society. You are neutral observers, remember? Worry will only cloud the judgment behind the conclusions you draw. Second: aren’t these people all Darwinists anyway? What do they care if some “marginalized” guys don’t make it, let alone the fact that they are “struggling”? What happened to “survival of the fittest”? And finally: margins are necessary. Not everyone can be “centralized” in a world of extension and mass. If no one was marginalized, we’d exist in a single pinpoint. That’s right . . . go figure that one out.

Here’s the other one:

Many men fear that a former wife will take all their money.

It’s sad, but this just makes me laugh.


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