Guitar Hero

Curly’s been playing a fair amount of “Guitar Hero” on the PlayStation 2 since arriving in the Golden State. Let me just confirm what you have perhaps already read at one of my friend’s blogs, that this is a really cool game.

I was playing on Easy, and then decided that was too easy, so I bumped it up to Expert (the highest level). Much to my surprise, I was able to complete “I wanna be sedated” the second time through. But Expert got too hard, so I dropped back down to the “Hard” level and am about 20 songs in. The last song in Group 4 is “Unsung” by Helmet. Usually the last song in a group is hard, but I got through it on the first try with a 5/5 star rating, something like 250,000 points, and an $1,850 gig payoff! (This is modest compared to the real shredders out there, but, being a novice, I was happy with it. Check YouTube for an awesome video of some guy playing “Bark at the moon” on Expert really well.)

What’s really cool is that on the harder settings, and harder songs, you begin to feel like you are actually playing a guitar.


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