Lebanon’s still there

Having not seen any Lebanon/Israel headlines in the past few weeks on CNN.com, I began to wonder if it was no longer newsworthy. After all, CNN is all about newsworthy headlines. I call in as evidence the numerous updates in the past week on Pluto’s planet status, several of which were given front page main headline dignity; the Jill Carroll captivity narrative, in 10 excruciating parts; and the results of a poll indicating that most Americans think Bin Laden is planning another attack. One of my recent favorites, though it wasn’t granted a place as the top story, was this:

Lost at sea for nine months
Mexican fishermen ate raw catch, prayed, played air guitar

That last element, definitely newsworthy.

So back to Lebanon: I typed it into the CNN search box, and the top hit was this choice story:

screen capture

Note that the lead singer of this “boy band” is 28 years old; I guess people who live in areas racked by war would find it easy to indulge in a prolonged childhood, to kind of get stuck in that adolescent phase. It only makes sense.

In CNN’s defense, this story disappeared from the top spot when I chose to sort my search results by “Relevance.” How Relevance is determined is anyone’s guess. It’s like deferring to generic “experts.” Experts in what? Relevant to what?

I love CNN. *kiss*


2 Responses to “Lebanon’s still there”

  1. Mark Says:

    What a joke. I’m glad that someone else is dumbfounded by the state of headline news these days. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to poor Pluto, though, it will always be a planet as far as I’m concerned. Peace out.

  2. Evan Says:

    Don’t worry about Pluto, people are fighting the power.


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