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I pity the fool

September 26, 2006

T is back. But don’t call it a comeback―he’s been here for years.

Don’t worry that in one spot of this 3.5 minute video T says he’s there to “help” people, and in another spot he denies that he’s there to “give advice” but his purpose is rather to “love” people. For the first rule of exe-T-sis of Mr. T’s words is that Mr. T does not contradict himself. If he appears to do so it is due to a shortcoming in the recipient of the message, not in the message itself.

I could expound on a few more rules of T, but the true believers need them not, and for the perishing they are foolishness.


Tired of tradition?

September 25, 2006

Then check out what is quite simply the coolest link I’ve seen in a while: the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.


Body snatcher video

September 18, 2006

This guy collects corpses for Detroit for $14 a pop, but wants to be a rapper. Pretty cool little 5 minute spot.

Pope’s comments on Mohammed

September 16, 2006

I was going to post some of my fave quotes from the past few days’ news articles about the Pope’s lecture at Regensburg, and the ensuing whine from the Muslim world, but decided instead just to summarize:


Virgins await the Jihadist

September 11, 2006


Steve Ballmer makes me weep with mirth

September 8, 2006

Watch these in this order:

Developers chant
Ballmer goes nuts
Sweet music video of these clips combined. You only really need to watch the first 30-40 seconds of this one, but have your Kleenex handy when you do.

I think if Howard Dean’s political career ends he ought to put a résumé in at Microsoft.