Tired of tradition?

Then check out what is quite simply the coolest link I’ve seen in a while: the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

There’s a lot to like about this organization. First, is that a rockin’ intro song or what? Love how the dude says “my-tay” for “mighty”. Second, the name goes on forever, with at least two bonus words you weren’t expecting (Fellowship and International). There’s a sense of danger inherent in the name: Full Gospel kind of evokes the Full Nelson you’ll get if you don’t writhe spasmodically in the aisles during the preaching of the Full Gospel. The presiding bishop is totally cool, too. I dig that white suit, and really love that costume party pic of him wearing the black cardinal’s cape with red trim. Here it is, in case you missed it:

Shoot, how about one more. This is the picture that shows the presiding bishop dangling the Word of God by its last four pages, with the other 996 threatening to tear the spine:

Unfortunately, Curly’s got some gripes, too. The website touts itself as “informative and also prayerfully inspiring” but when I click on “Ministry News” only about 2 or 3 of the bazillion options has any information attatched. Most are like the Ministry News on “Armorbearers”: INFORMATION PENDING. Pending what? And what, WHAT is an armorbearer doing in your church? I guess somebody’s gotta keep track of the bishop’s codpieces.

Second and final gripe, cuz it’s late: these guys are using the word “bishop” to mean whatever they want it to. The “presiding bishop” may be the man in charge, but it’s a bit funny to call oneself a bishop in a church organization, one of whose main tenets is local autonomy of each member church. And they have a “Bishop of Administration,” or BA, I guess . . . OK, time for bed.

(By the way: I got the phrase “tired of tradition” from the Your Destiny page on the FGBCFI site. Dig the spelling of “Pentacost.” I’m still not clear on why “tradition” is ipso facto a bad thing . . . they just assume you’re cool with that idea.)


One Response to “Tired of tradition?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Serious bumpin’ – fo shizzle my nizzo!

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