I pity the fool

T is back. But don’t call it a comeback―he’s been here for years.

Don’t worry that in one spot of this 3.5 minute video T says he’s there to “help” people, and in another spot he denies that he’s there to “give advice” but his purpose is rather to “love” people. For the first rule of exe-T-sis of Mr. T’s words is that Mr. T does not contradict himself. If he appears to do so it is due to a shortcoming in the recipient of the message, not in the message itself.

I could expound on a few more rules of T, but the true believers need them not, and for the perishing they are foolishness.


3 Responses to “I pity the fool”

  1. Evan Says:

    Oh yeah! Long overdue. Have to scan the talk show listings for appearances. Hopefully there will be a meet and greet somewhere – it has been 4 years since I’ve been in the prescence of T. “I am no shrink, but I don’t shrink away from a challenge.’ Who else can up with this stuff? I think its time for you publish an article on T-isms in the African American lit journal. Time to use your education for a worthy cause – spearheading T’s entry into the African American literary canon.

    Shalom Brother!

  2. Mark Says:

    Have you seen that bit on “Little Britain” with the Mr. T lookalike who denies any knowledge of the show or T and then drives off in the B.A. Baracus van? Pretty funny. But yeah, Mr. T is above a comeback.

  3. Jim Says:

    Oct. 11th should be a national holiday … by the way, I heard that Mr. T will be on the Kevin & Bean morning show sometime this week (Curly, they stream the show at kroq.com if you want to make an attempt at it.) I checked the guest list at the Tonight Show website, but he wasn’t listed. I also checked the Late Late Show, but no luck either. It’s almost a given that he’ll be on Conan. Champ! The TVLand website didn’t have much info about appearances but the clips are so champ.

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