Gentle and generous, or satanic and barbaric?

First, news from an Assyrian website, as relayed by Little Green Footballs:

(AINA) — According to the Assyrian website, a 14 year old Christian Assyrian boy, Ayad Tariq, from Baqouba, Iraq was decapitated at his work place on October 21.

Ayad Tariq was working his 12 hour shift, maintaining an electric generator, when a group of disguised Muslim insurgents walked in at the beginning of his shift shortly after 6 a.m. and asked him for his ID.

According to another employee who witnessed the events, and who hid when he saw the insurgents approach, the insurgents questioned Ayad after seeing that his ID stated “Christian”, asking if he was truly a “Christian sinner.” Ayad replied “yes, I am Christian but I am not a sinner.” The insurgents quickly said this is a “dirty Christian sinner!” Then they proceeded to each hold one limb, shouting “Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!” while beheading the boy.

And now, a look at the events calendar from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas:

Austin playwright Steve Moore, ( Nightswim, Not Clown, The Kindermann Depiction ) accepted this commission to embark on an exploration of Islam – a religion most Americans either don’t get or get wrong. Together with fifteen student writers (and help from Muslims and scholars of Islam) he has created an enchanting new play that honors the gentleness, generosity, and grace of this often misunderstood and much-maligned faith.

I can’t wait to be enchanted by the gentleness, generosity, and grace of this beautiful religion of peace. Has the Congregation of the Holy Cross completely lost their minds?


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