Christmas mini-rant

If it’s not too early for retailers to put up Christmas trees and holly in their stores, it’s not too early for me to gruntle a little about it. I saw Christmas decorations in a store on Halloween. No Halloween decorations were visible . . . is it because Halloween doesn’t sell as well as Christmas? Thank God I am not hearing Christmas music yet.

Speaking of Halloween . . . it bugs me when people say “Holloween.” They sound like they caught themselves just before flubbing a holiday shibboleth, and only boors rhyme the first part of Halloween with the last part of marshmallow. Wouldn’t it sound stupid if you heard someone say “marshmollow”? Yeah, it would.


One Response to “Christmas mini-rant”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Yeah, I agree that Xmas stuff was put out WAY early this year. I’ve been dealing with Hailey asking to go back and see Santa for a couple weeks now. She says, “Santa! I go see her again?” She must think the Westminster Mall Santa looks like a lady….?

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