Concourse of Hypocrisy

Excellent gallery of real gas-guzzling cars sporting environmental and anti-war bumper stickers. From Berkeley, CA.


3 Responses to “Concourse of Hypocrisy”

  1. Joe Says:

    Some of those are a stretch.

  2. Curly Says:

    As gas guzzlers, yes, some of those are a stretch. The site author admits this regarding the 2000 VW, which gets 39 mpg.

    But as the author says on the site, the point is that these people criticize what they perceive as a war for oil while at the same time enjoying the conveniences that having oil allows. It’s not uncommon among the Left to see Iraq as an oil war: a prominent professor out here burns oil as she drives around town in a car with a bumper sticker reading “HOW MANY LIVES PER GALLON?”

  3. Subcomandante Marcos Says:

    I love the AWD4MAO one. Just classic. The missing element of his Great Leap Forward was the Subaru Outback, I think… If he just would’ve had that car, it could have worked…

    I think the prof driving around Austin might just be asking a legitimate question – “how many lives does it take to get me to Wild Oats”? Those on the left who believe that Iraq is an oil war are giving the proponents of it too much credit – a war for oil makes much more sense than the vacuous ideology that got us into our Iraq misadventure.

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