“Poptastic” has reached the OED

All yous power pop fans out there take note: the Oxford English Dictionary’s looking out for you, too.

Designating or relating to a very good recording or performance of pop music. Also more generally: fantastic, excellent.
Popularized by the British television programme Harry Enfield’s Television Programme (1990-2), in which the term was used as a catchphrase of spoof radio disc jockeys ‘Smashie and Nicey’.

1992 Evening Standard (Nexis) 3 Apr. 31 ‘Hi, it’s Top of the Poptastic to be here. I’m quite literally Mike Smash,’ said the dyed blonde in the round-neck sweater. ‘And he’s me old mate Dave Nice.’ 1994 Daily Tel. 18 Aug. 14/7 Some BBC2 art guru likes them so much that he has nicked their poptastic CD for himself. 1997 J-17 June 110/2 Britpop fans could hope for no better. Your heart will swell with patriotic pop-tastic pride. 2003 Gay Times Feb. 100/1 Kelly Osbourne is the most poptastic popstar of the lot, bar none!


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