Israeli court: Family can have dead soldier’s sperm (CNN)

JERUSALEM (AP) — In a precedent-setting decision, an Israeli court has ruled that a dead soldier’s family can have his sperm impregnated into the body of a woman he never met.

Keivan Cohen, 20, was shot dead in 2002 by a Palestinian sniper in the Gaza Strip. He was single and left no will. But at the urging of his parents, a sample of his sperm was taken two hours after his death and has been stored in a hospital since.
[. . .]
On January 15, after a four-year legal battle, a Tel Aviv court granted the family’s wish and ruled the sperm could be injected into a woman selected by Cohen’s family. [I get the feeling that something is being omitted here–such as whether this woman must consent to being injected?]
[. . .]
Irit Rosenblum, a family rights advocate who represented the Cohen family, said the ruling was significant because it set a precedent for those seeking to continue bloodlines after death.

At the trial, Rosenblum presented testimony, including video recordings, in which Cohen expressed his desire to have children.

“He always said he wanted children,” she told The Associated Press. “But there were no regulations in the law that deals with using sperm from dead people.” [Hmm. First of all, notice the politically correct use of the genderless word “people” even though only men have sperm. Second, you don’t “use sperm” as if it were some tool for achieving your own personal goals. Human beings aren’t inanimate material to be worked and reworked at someone’s pleasure.]

Rosenblum said soldiers increasingly have been leaving sperm samples, or explicit instructions on post-mortem extraction, before heading to battle. [Sure, because it’s so much easier to be a dead dad than a deadbeat dad–no responsibilities whatsoever!]
[. . .]
“I think it is a human revolution,” Rosenblum said. “Ten years ago, who would believe that a human being can continue after he has died. I think it is great for humanity.” [I think it’s wrong, and, as usual, the children are going to get the short end of the deal. No real family and a father who knowingly unloads all of his fatherly responsibility on others.]


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