Headlines of the day

China death sentence for ant scam

Here’s the first paragraph:

BEIJING, China (Reuters) — A Chinese man has been sentenced to death for conning people out of 3 billion yuan ($387 million) in a giant scam to breed ants, local media said on Thursday.

Reportedly one bilked investor killed himself in the wake of his losses, but don’t you think death is too harsh a penalty for an “ant scam”? (That would sound like ASCAP, if ants were songwriters.)

A close second for unbelievableness:
Woman, 84, confesses to sex with boy, 11

No quotation seems necessary here. I am puzzled, though, at their definition of “sex”. And wonder how strong is this 84-year-old, and was the boy unconscious, or just as sick as she was, not to run away?


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