Flannery O’Who?

I should categorize this post under “Comedy” and “Tragedy”–only I don’t have that latter category.

I was invited to dinner by some church friends the Sunday before Lent. Several people were invited, but the only ones able to come were myself and one of the priests at our church.

We conversed about this and that, and then Father P. asked for help remembering the name of “that woman who died when she was 39.” Point-five seconds later, I said “Flannery O’Connor?” And his reply? “Who’s that?”

It was all I could do not to scowl. This man has the care of souls, and is unacquainted with the 20th century’s greatest author of Grace? Was this guy home schooled by Iranian mullahs? I was stunned.

Turns out he was trying to remember Anna Nicole Smith’s name. Afterward I told him, “By the way, whenever someone can’t remember a woman’s name, I always suggest those two, and in that order: Flannery O’Connor, Anna Nicole Smith.” He didn’t think that was quite as funny as I do.


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