High school nostalgia

Jon sent me a link to our old high school tonight. What a depressing experience that was, to browse the site. In a nutshell, everything was better when we were there.

The most obvious of today’s bad news is that students all must wear a school uniform. Gone are the days when one could approach one’s t-shirt selection philosophically, analytically, in anticipation of arguing a plausible defense of oneself if one were called to the principal’s office (I never was, but I did think about it). What was it, exactly, that legitimized a Smiths The Queen Is Dead t-shirt, but banned a Metallica shirt? Gone, too, are the days when one could wear acid-washed jeans (if one wanted to). Man, I’m glad I went to high school when I did.

The other crazy thing I’m not keen about is that grades are now posted online for parents to see. I wasn’t a bad student, but it’s just another piece of freedom taken away from the student.

In my browsing of the site, I hit a typo about every 45 seconds. It was ridiculous. Mostly these were just two words run together with no space. But on my old English Honors teacher’s site, I saw two errors I’d slam my students for: a singular/plural conflict, and the word “usually” spelled “ususally.”


On top of all this, the school has got about 4 trillion more students than when I was there, and less land (overall).

*Shudder* I can’t imagine being in high school there right now. I don’t have to worry about ever working there, apart from the fact that I wouldn’t apply . . . on top of being a rank Papist, I don’t even have the requisite degree from a Calvinist college.


3 Responses to “High school nostalgia”

  1. Jon Says:

    I found it interesting that the Calvinist high school is courting Lutheran 8th graders to consider attending once they reach grade 9. It’s ok for Lutherans to attend, but not teach there, I suppose.

    I was considering making a huge donation “as long as they allowed blue jeans and shorts at the students’ discretion”, but that was before I realized they had fully switched to uniforms.

    I wonder if it was Mr. K who instituted that law considering the hand gesture I threw at him when I was giving a presentation in class and he tried to call me on a T-shirt I was wearing (I think it was “Gospel Metal” – remember that rag?). I got pulled into the hall in the middle of class for that one. Good times.

  2. Curly Says:

    I don’t remember that . . . sounds fun, though. I do remember the pic of Joe at the front of the classroom with him. Joe (I think) asked him about that one Soundgarden song (“Full on Kevin’s mom”), and he replied “Do WHAT to Kevin’s mom?”

    Yeah, I bet he instituted the uniform policy.

  3. Mark Says:

    Wow, a uniform policy, I didn’t know about that.

    I was frightened the last time I drove by the campus (on my way to the Dutch store, of course) and spotted a uniformed security guard by the gate to student’s parking lot. Ouch. I don’t think I had lunch on campus once during senior year! Wunderly WAS the security system, and that system was easily disabled by a Smits intervention…

    Yeah, it was better back then.

    “The Queen Is Dead” – I had that shirt! I think they couldn’t figure that one out, that’s why they didn’t ban it…

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