IQ test

After teaching class today I walked over to Chipotle, got my grub on, and then stopped in at the Church of Scientology (wearing my “Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club” t-shirt). I took their free IQ test and scored 144. It’s an 80-question test they give you 30 minutes to do. I answered 79, and was puzzling over the last one I skipped when my time ran out. I missed 10 of the 79 I answered.

Some of the questions were poorly conceived; others I legitimately missed. One of the worst questions on the test went something like this:

Things like language, clothing, customs, and color indicate which of the following:
a) temperament
b) race
c) birth
d) location
e) personality

I chose E, because it seemed like the least absurd of the 5. The “correct” answer was b) race. Maybe in the pre-Columbian era this might have applied to someplace on earth, but today? Please. This kind of homogeneity exists today only in very small groups or in backwards, xenophobic, oppressive states like Saudi Arabia.

Freaky place, that Church of Scientology. I couldn’t help but slighty pity/fear the very nice people who were working there.


2 Responses to “IQ test”

  1. Joe Says:

    Yay! I got it right! (well, not in Curly’s eyes, but in the eyes of the test)

  2. Mark Says:

    I agree with Curly, that is a ridiculous question. Even if you go with (semi) accepted anthropological definitions of “race” that divides humanity into only a few distinct groups, those things would not indicate race. Let’s take the caucasian race, for example, is there commonality of language, clothing, customs, and color? Not at all.

    My guess would be “location” but apparently that’s wrong too. Bad question.

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