Lifestyle loans

There’s a scrolling marquee off the freeway by me for Velocity Credit Union:

From LCDs to SUVs. Lifestyle loans for what you want. Now.

It used to be even more offensive:

From pickup trucks to tummy tucks. Lifestyle loans for what you want. Now.

I’m of the opinion that loans should be used for things you need, not things you want. And that taking on debt should be related to need, and not a “lifestyle” decision. I know that virtually since the dreaded “dawn of time” people have racked up debts in order to live in a certain style and at a certain level (courtiers come to mind right away) but I don’t get the idea that Velocity Credit Union is targeting aristocrats with their appeal to pickup trucks and tummy tucks.


3 Responses to “Lifestyle loans”

  1. Mark Says:

    Yeah, that seems a little indulgent for a credit union! They are supposed to be more conservative since there is no real profit motive…

  2. Brian Says:

    But this is America. “If I can’t have it now, I don’t want it”. I don’t believe the ad is telling people to get tummy tucks or pick up trucks. But with the title of “lifestyle loans”, it leads me to believe that they want you to be gay.

  3. ha! Says:

    What do you think about the promotion giving away margarita glasses? Advocating alcoholism? Of course, the flip flop promotion was a big hit…but I see no harm in that advertisement.

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