Curly’s going to Miami next week for the Renaissance Society of America conference. I’ll be presenting on an unknown poet in the context of the esoteric sciences, so it should be a total hoot. This is the biggie of Renaissance conferences–more than 900 presenters! And no, we don’t wear armor or drink mead or joust. It’s a bunch of people in a big hotel sharing their literary, historical, and other cultural scholarship over three days.

I was added to the program only about 10 days ago, to fill in for a couple of backouts. Now I’m just praying that I get enough money from my department to cover the $497 plane ticket I just bought. I was considering driving, but when it’s all tallied up, the round trip comes to 40 hours on the road, and I just didn’t want to think about that. If I had time to mosey over there leisure-like, and stop to see the world’s largest pile of mud and such things, and had a companion, I wouldn’t mind driving so much at all.

This will be the farthest east I’ve ever been in the USA, topping the previous location (New Orleans) by about 850 miles.


One Response to “Miami”

  1. Mark Says:

    Have fun in Miami! I’ve never been there, but apparently the coffee is good. While waiting for Castro to kick the bucket, apparently the Cubans got to be pretty good with their espresso machines.

    If he dies while you are there, expect some delays.

    Scotty and I were supposed to take a road trip there after high school (we came up with that plan during the heady Vice days – see 8th grade graduation photos). We only got as far as Vegas, though…

    I thought your school would be showering you with money for these types of excursions. What are they doing with all that oil money down in the Lone Star State??

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