WWWT? (What would Waugh think?)

Over at American Conservative magazine, Barack Obama has been compared to Evelyn Waugh:

Beneath this bland Good Obama lies a more interesting character, one that I like far better—the Bad Obama, a close student of other people’s weaknesses, a literary artist of considerable power in plumbing his deep reservoirs of self-pity and resentment, an unfunny Evelyn Waugh consumed by indignation toward his own mother’s people. He has been hiding out on the bestseller lists for the last two years in his enormously revealing, but little understood, 1995 “autobiography”—a more accurate term might be “autobiographical novel”—Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

I think I would agree that a Waughish Obama would be “more interesting,” but I’m ambivalent on how I feel about BO being compared to EW. I don’t much care for BO, but from what I’ve read, EW was no picnic to be around. But EW as a writer, I love. Haven’t yet read any Obama . . . can’t say that he’s on my summer reading list, either. The author at AmCon mag calls him a “wordsmith,” so that’s a good start.

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