Response to Rayilyn Brown

The following is a response to the first comment on my post entitled “Meet the new Christopher Reeve.” (WordPress won’t let me post a comment to that entry, and this is long enough for its own main entry, so here it is.)

Brown says:

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research continue to lie about adult stem cell cures. The exact number varies with the writer. Since I have Parkinson’s disease I can attest that the 3 citations for PD are false:
(1) Dennis Turner’s PD returned.
(2) Patricia Payne never took part in Dr. Levesque’s Phase II because it never took place.
(3) 10 unnamed Kentuckians participated in Amgen’s aborted GDNF infusion therapy trials which had nothing to do with stem cellls of any kind.
Please just stick to your Bronze Age theology and stop lying about adult stem cell cures. The media doesn’t report them because they don’t exist.

I’m sorry that you have PD, but your having it does not make you an authority on whether citations are true or false. You pull the same move here, where you say that Levesque’s Phase II is “stalled”–not that it “never took place,” which is not the same thing. By the way, I read the story you told to CNN, and I congratulate you on your courage in undergoing deep brain stimulation. Unfortunately the experience has not made you wiser with respect to stem cell research. I hope you have reconsidered becoming a research subject for Woo-suk Hwang, in light of the fact that he was exposed as a fraud some 6 months after the date on your CNN piece.

More to the point:

Dennis Turner himself admitted that his PD returned. Yet this does not negate the five years of benefits he claims to have enjoyed that were the result of his treatment with adult stem cells. Do you dismiss cold medicine because you come down with another cold months after taking it? And what would have happened if he’d been treated with embryonic stem cells? No one knows, but scientists do know that embryonic stem cells are almost always rejected by the adult organisms they are injected into.

The media doesn’t report adult stem cell research and advancement (I refrain from joining you in throwing around the word “cures”) because of the media’s liberal bias. Not because no research is being done, and not because the research is all in vain.

I’ll give you two examples that I found in five minutes of searching:
Title: Technology insight: Adult stem cells in cartilage regeneration and tissue engineering
Author(s): Chen FH (Chen, Faye H.), Rousche KT (Rousche, Kathleen T.), Tuan RS (Tuan, Rocky S.)
From the abstract: “Adult stem cells, specifically multipotent mesenchymal stem cells, are considered the cell type of choice for tissue engineering, because of the ease with which they can be isolated and expanded and their multilineage differentiation capabilities.”

Title: Therapeutic potential of stem cells in perinatal medicine
Author(s): Santner-Nanan B, Peek MJ, McCullagh P, Nanan R
From the abstract: “So far, the most promising application of stem cells might be in the treatment of neurological injury. In this review we discuss recent research findings with adult stem cell therapy and their potential use in perinatal medicine.”

Thanks for commenting. I won’t reply to your comment on “Bronze Age theology,” other than that it sounds like you have been reading Richard Dawkins.


One Response to “Response to Rayilyn Brown”

  1. Rayilyn Brown Says:

    You need to email Dr. Levesque himself and ask him what happened to Phase II. He told me in January 2007 it was supposed to start in 6-8 months. Patricia Payne’s testimony before the MA state legislature in 2005 that she was going to be a Phase II participant has been presented as a cure. I called Dennis Turner on 3-24-06 and he confirmed to me that his PD had returned yet he is featured in the Family Research Council’s “Adult Stem Cells: Nine Faces of Success” January 2007 pamphlet as a “success” and there are no dates cited later than 2002 in the article. DBS brain surgery is still the best that can be done for PWP.

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