The benefits of adult stem cells

Here’s something for people who think that there is no promise in adult stem cells. I’m thinking specifically of someone who posted a comment this month accusing me of “Bronze Age theology” and saying that “the reason the media doesn’t report on adult stem cell cures is because they don’t exist” (or something very close to these words):
NY Times: For Athletes, the Next Fountain of Youth?

The kinds of stem cell therapies being researched for the most part do not involve the politically sensitive use of embryonic stem cells. But they could involve using harvested adult stem cells, stem cells saved from a child at birth or cells from what may someday be a national bank of donated stem cells derived from umbilical cord or placental stem cells.


The primary uses to date for cord blood have been in the treatment of leukemia and other life-threatening diseases.

“The focus so far has been on more important things than fixing an athlete’s joints,” Dr. Hariri said. “But we’re well aware of the possibilities and the revolution that is coming.”


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