Fetus hit man

Teen gets 76.5 months in jail for trying to hire a hit man to “to injure his estranged 17-year-old girlfriend so badly that her fetus would die.” According to the article, the law in Washington state provides for charges of “first-degree solicitation to commit manslaughter . . . when a viable fetus is the intended target.”

Yet according to our “liberal” and “progressive” laws, had the woman offered an officially-licensed fetus hit man money to do the job, her boyfriend likely could have been thrown in jail for obstructing the abortion. She wouldn’t have been punished, at any rate.

It would be nice if the laws on this matter were consistent with each other. And better if they protected fetuses no matter who was attacking them.


One Response to “Fetus hit man”

  1. Minister Fred Hatchett Says:

    Notice that there is always one absent party in the discussion of abortion; The child!

    As long as the women wants the child dead, no murder can really occur, and no one can stand in her way.

    It’s also funny that when you hear pregnant women talking about their unborn child, they do not refer to it as a fetus. “Hey Daisy, how’s your fetus doing?” Jackie responds, “actually it’s still a zygote, but all is well.”

    Pregnant women refer to their unborn as a child or baby. This world is so full of hypocrisy. If a woman chooses to kill it by the “legally prescribed” means, it’s okay.

    As to the original post, either way, in GOD’s eyes, it’s murder.

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