Cuban rap wisdom

CNN profiles a Cuban rapper with a profound insight into the world and its workings:

“I’m one of those who thinks that once you’re part of a business — not just in Cuba, but anywhere in the world — they make you a slave.”

Reminds me of the graffiti I saw in London:
Note the precision of thought. Is the owner “part of” his own business? If so, is the owner also a slave? Who are “they” who supposedly make “you” a slave? And what does this mean for the Cuban rapper himself?

So, they work out of their homes and distribute their music by hand on homemade CD’s copied over and over again.

Is he a slave? Can anyone other than subsistence farmers work for a living and not be a slave? Does he compromise his integrity with the whiff of slavery by using CDs that were made by “slaves” at a company somewhere?

But hey, I’m probably being too picky here. Let him speak for himself:

“I’ve pointed out the things that seem wrong to me, and the people like it,” he says. “They like to hear it because they identify with what they hear in the songs.

“It’s not anything bad. It’s just the truth, and the people aren’t used to hearing it.”

I’m sure there’s some truth in his lyrics somewhere, but his anti-business philosophy seems half-baked.


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