Jason Whitlock’s right on Imus & Duke

You may remember Karch’s piece on Jason Whitlock from 1994, in response to Whitlock’s claim that “we’re all racist” in America. Whatever the merits or deficiencies of Whitlock’s claims at that time, I think he’s absolutely right on the money in his assessment of the Don Imus and Duke Lacrosse cases. (Forgive him for calling it the Duke “soccer” team.)

Check out the video here.

The fact is that even though Imus was wrong to call the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos,” that very language was invented and popularized by black culture. Hip hop culture is probably the single biggest factor holding back African Americans. Rappers are constantly calling their women whores; maybe there’s a big outcry within their own community against that kind of demeaning language, but I don’t see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson doing much about it.

By contrast, you can’t get away from Sharpton and Jackson in this Imus case; and last year when the Duke rape accusations came up, Jackson said his PUSH Coalition was going to pay the tuition of the woman who accused the lacrosse players of raping her. Now that it’s officially established that the case had no merit almost from the very beginning, and that Mike Nifong (the prosecutor) kept it alive in order for further his own political ambitions, are we going to see Jesse Jackson say anything about it? Perhaps, that he was wrong, and that he apologizes to the unjustly accused lacrosse players? Not likely.

Whitlock’s right: Sharpton and Jackson act like it’s 1965 and they are trying to bring black/white relations back to the 1940s and 1950s.


One Response to “Jason Whitlock’s right on Imus & Duke”

  1. Minister Fred Hatchett Says:

    There will be no apology to all of those shamedfaced, loud-mouthed, guilty before your innocent class and race baiters. There will be NO apologies. They just had a march about truthtelling and sex violence. Only 250 people showed up; a far cry of the NCCU gym-filled rally for the Duke and NCCU people to air their guilty verdicts.

    I wrote in a school newspaper, pleading for people to suspend all judgment, or be made a fool of, and to expect no apology from the race-baiters. Show is quiet a year later!!!!!!!!!!!

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