Witch Hunt

What a week. If you’ve ever been the victim of an e-mail listserv gang-up by about 10+ foul-mouthed, libelous liberals, you know how it’s been for me.

This is a fantastic story, which I won’t go into detail here . . . but a single question from myself led to more than ten thousand words in reply. Much of it was name-calling, side by side with some of the most fallacious argument you could ever care to see. Hypocrisy, sanctimony, platitudes, rallying cries, character assassination, dogmatic certainty founded on false assumptions . . . you name it.

Ask me about it sometime. I’ll send you the 26 pages of e-mails. Or just the paragraph of names they called me. It’ll blow your mind.

The moral of the story is that these are mini-versions of the people running most of the universities in this country today. I could go on and on, but too much adrenaline flow can’t be good for a man.


3 Responses to “Witch Hunt”

  1. Minister Fred Hatchett Says:

    I know what you mean. All talk, no facts. All feelings and emotions, no intelligence.

  2. Curly Says:

    That’s exactly right. Precommittment to their own autonomy and to the satisfaction of their own wishes.

  3. Minister Fred Hatchett Says:

    If they only could see the consequences of their liberalism; but deception is blinding them. Some of those consequences are the mass murders/suicides, legal internet pornography, sex and profanity filled communications (TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, etc.), STD rates, etc. These are the same people that cannot seem to explain all of these problems in America. If they would simply find any kind of reflective substance, they would see the problem. But they walk away with no recollection of what they saw, therefore never seeing and acknowledging that they are the problem.

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