All quiet

The wolves have slinked back to their dens, it seems. Haven’t gotten a hostile e-mail for coming on four days now, and it does feel nice.

But I hear now they’re carrying on with one of my friends, who, though he disagrees with my position on abortion, spoke up in my defense since he thought my public treatment on the e-mail list last week was uncalled for.

I have to say: I have an increased respect for Rick Santorum after having borne the blind liberal fury for several days. Santorum must have gotten death threats for the abortion legislation he championed. I thought someone was going to try to come after me, and I barely said anything. But Santorum, being the leader of the pro-life movement that he was in Congress, . . . it’s inevitable that some crazy liberal would have threatened his life. Excelsior, brother.


One Response to “All quiet”

  1. Minister Fred Hatchett Says:

    When Roe comes up for a Supreme Court vote, we will find out just how violent and INTOLERANT these diversity preaching liberals are. I only wish that many states had the courage like South Dakota, but try to take it a step further and eliminate it completely.

    It’s amazing; getting death threats from those who believe in freedom of choice, for those who fight so hard to make it legal to murder ANY human being that has not completely breached the birth canal.

    Oh Ye! I cannot stand, but will pray for the oxymoronic, PRO-CHOICE “Christian”.

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