Movie Plug: Happy Feet

Saw “Happy Feet” over at Brad’s house on Saturday. You have to see this movie. I was reeeaaaally skeptical going in, thinking that it was going to be a really cheesy “Fantasia”-like failure (NB: I like “Fantasia”). Who wants dancing penguins anyway, let alone 90 minutes of them?

Little did I know that there was a plot to the whole movie. And it was also refreshing that the movie was not about global warming. Rather, it’s about the effects of unregulated commercial fishing.

But kids and adults will really enjoy this movie. Music’s fun, the animation is dazzling, and the movie has depth.


One Response to “Movie Plug: Happy Feet”

  1. Reeb Says:

    Hailey saw this over at Laura’s house a couple weeks ago. She talked about the “silly dancing penguins” for a few days afterwards… 😉 I have yet to see it.

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