Where’s Savannah State in this article?

The NY Times has a piece on the increasing popularity of religion among university students. What causes this newfound interest, which, according to a guy from Harvard, is at its highest pitch in 100 years?

They offer a few reasons: the increased prominence of the “religious right” in politics (a term I find ridiculous); realizing after 9/11 that religion influences world affairs; uncertainty about the war in Iraq. So far, they’re interested in it because it affects politics. Not very convincing to me, though surely some students’ interest is best described in these terms. Towards the end they note that perhaps some students come to religion because it answers some questions that secularism can’t.

But I’d like to see a companion piece to this, pointing out that the orthodoxy on campus is still by and large anti-Christian. I don’t know all the facts about the Commissioned II Love case at Savannah State University, but it seems very clear that there’s some anti-Christian bias at work on the part of the administration. Unless C2L is as horrific as some of its critics accuse it of being (see the numerous comments at my earlier entry on this topic), you’d have to be committed to suppressing Christians to say that their foot-washing ceremony is “hazing”.

I tried to find new information on the C2L case the other day, but nothing seems to be publicly available beyond what I posted in March.


2 Responses to “Where’s Savannah State in this article?”

  1. Minister Fred Hatchett Says:

    Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christians by David Limbaugh, chronicles how Christians are being persecuted. Savannah State University is basing its claims of hearsay of two individuals.

  2. Brother Phil Says:

    A religion has taken over college campuses and churches all over the world. (Fraternities the modern day Druids) This war over the souls of men will rage on until the second coming of Yahshua.


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