New iPod: a blessing and a curse

I bought a green iPod Shuffle this afternoon, and used it at the gym tonight.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Not only was I able to block out Cindi Lauper, Gordon Lightfoot, and Molly Hatchet. I was rocking so hard I almost had to be ushered out by security guards. Here’s some of what was in the playlist:

  • Shout at the Devil, Wild Side, Live Wire—Motley Crue
  • Whiskey Dust, Heaven’s Train—Badlands
  • Beer Money, Yucca Man, Rock Queen, The End—Love/Hate
  • Master of Puppets, Trapped Under Ice, Creeping Death—Metallica
  • Piece of Me, Slave to the Grind—Skid Row
  • Invaders—Iron Maiden

And many more. But all this rocking put me in such a heightened state, if you will, that I ended up breaking a glass once I got back home. (See previous post if you have NOTHING else to do.) Reminded me of something Andrea did when we were both in high school, I think. We were getting ready for school one morning, and she was listening to “Steal Away the Night” by Ozzy Osbourne, from the Randy Rhoades Tribute album, while she was brushing her hair. As I passed by her bedroom door she stopped, and, holding the brush in both hands, said, “STEAL AWAY THE NIGHT—LET’S GO CRAZY!!!!” And SNAP went the brush, in two pieces! Nice.


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