One million demonstrate in Rome; NY Times looks other way

My point here is simple and obvious: the news media are dominated by Leftists. Consider the following cases.

Saturday was “Family Day” in Rome—a demonstration in defense of traditional family values against the ever-increasing demands of homosexuals. Estimates for the number of pro-family demonstrators range from several hundred thousand, up to 1.7 million. A huge event by any standard.

And yesterday the World Congress of Families concluded in Warsaw, Poland. This was a three-day event which calls itself “the world’s largest conference of pro-family leaders and grass roots activists.” Thousands of pro-family leaders and governmental ministers from 60 countries participated.

Yet—amazingly? expectedly?—not a single word of this appears to have been reported by the New York Times. I could be wrong on this, but searching for key words such as “Family Day” and “Lateran” (the rally being convened at St. John Lateran Square) turned up ZERO hits at A search on “World Congress of Families” also turned up nothing, even though this is the fourth such Congress, with previous meetings held in Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), and Mexico City (2004). Apparently the Times has ignored them all.

The same goes for Unless I’m searching incorrectly, neither of these “news” outlets considers either of these events newsworthy. (The NY Times did run a full-length report on Leonard Nimoy’s photographs of obese nude women, however. And CNN is rightfully famous for its coverage of such “news” as its current Top Story: “Olympic bomber taunts victims from prison”.)

The LA Times and the BBC reported on Family Day (though neither noticed the World Congress of Families). However, this is not to say that they acknowledged the strength of the pro-family forces in Italy. The BBC ends its piece by lamenting that gay couples are still not getting equal rights, and claims that

Recent polls showed that most Catholics in Italy are in favour of changes to the legislation despite Church opposition.

Interesting, then, that a MILLION of them should turn out in person to demonstrate against the very legislation that “recent polls” claim they support! One really has to believe strongly in something to actually go and participate in person.

Read more about Family Day at the WDTPRS blog, written by an American priest living in Rome. Here is one of his pictures of the pro-family crowd (click for larger picture).
family day crowd


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