Posey digs Mel; ergo, I dig Posey

I liked her well in “Waiting for Guffman” and “Best in Show,” but I think I like Parker Posey a little bit more after reading that she loved “Apocalypto”. Because I myself loved “Apocalypto”. Saw it once to celebrate passing my stupid PhD candidacy exam, and saw it again with my dear mother, who also loved it.

Most actors manage to bring every conversation gracefully and stealthily back to their brilliant, courageous career choices. Ms. Posey, 38, is precisely the opposite, discursive in the extreme. A mention of short indie movie shooting schedules bounces to the implications of digital moviemaking to Mel Gibson’s digitally realized “Apocalypto.”

“Wasn’t that amazing?” she said. “Did you love it? I have it on DVD. I’ve watched it like, oh, my God, I am Jaguar Paw. It was so powerful. It was so interesting. The karma of him, right? This past year to have this whole thing happen to him where he was like shunned by Hollywood and then he makes this—I mean he’s a rebel. He’s a passionate person who, you know, you see it all in that movie.”


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