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Curly’s going to the east coast for the first time later this summer. Philadelphia and NYC, namely, and I’d be glad to hear any recommendations you might have. No lodging tips are needed, as I’ll be staying with a friend. But if you know where the best Philly cheesesteaks are to be had, for example, do tell!

Thanks in advance!

4 Responses to “Share your travel wisdom”

  1. Shana Says:

    How fun! NY is one of my favorite places in the world! I stayed in Center City when I worked in Philly and it was not great. But I know there is an up and coming neighborhood. In NY, I’d recommend eating at the Oyster Bar and Restaurant in Grand Central and Bar Americain (it’s Bobby Flay’s place in Times Square). Don’t miss the Algonquin hotel! It’s very close to Times Square also. There is a cat always living in the hotel, there are great cocktails and I just imagine the Algonquin Round Table participants eating there. Or should I say drinking there. There is so much to see! Have a great trip!

  2. Rich Says:

    From a rock music fan’s standpoint, I’d check out the Dakota Apartment complex in NYC (where Lennon lived and was ultimately mortally wounded). You may want to ask the locals about a bank that used to be the home of the legendary Filmore East concert hall, just so you can shake your fist at it (not to mention what’s left of the famous CBGB’s).

    Otherwise, I’d suggest the usual suspects: Times Square, Central Park, Madison Square Garden, the Guggenheim, the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Twin Towers shrine. It would be worth checking out a play if you can get a ticket.

    In Philly, my main suggestion is try not to get killed. Seriously. Don’t let anyone know you’re from Texas, because people will equate you from being in the same state as the Dallas Cowboys, and instantly hate you.

    Seriously, there are three things to peep while in Philly: 1.) The Liberty Bell. 2.) Independence Hall. 3.) The Mutter Museum. The latter is a museum wholly dedicated to medical oddities and curiosities that have been culled from around the world for over three centuries. I’ve seen a couple documentaries on the Learning Channel about the place, and it looks trmendously fascinating. In fact, my wife and I have discussed travelling to Philly for a weekend specifically to check the Mutter Museum out. If you do go, please take copious amounts of pictures if allowed.

  3. Curly Says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, you two.

    Shana: I’m glad to get your “insider” recommendations. At least they seem insider to me . . .

    Rich: thanks for reminding me of stuff I may have forgotten about, like the Lennon apartment bldg. The Mütter Museum doesn’t allow photography. I just checked their website. Plus, I don’t think that would be my kind of exhibit. I am not keen on the display of dead human beings. My thinking on this is not wholly logical, I believe: I strongly object to things like the plasticized corpses of that German(?) museum impresario, but I have no problem with things like the Catacombs beneath the streets of Paris (which I have visited) or those in Rome (which I have not).

    The US historical sites, though, for sure: I’ve wanted to visit these since about 4th grade.

  4. Travel Says:

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    Bookmark to travel

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