Rule #1: Don’t forget about the focus switch

Last Friday I got a Canon EOS 5D, and have been going nuts taking pictures all weekend. I love this camera. Anyway, today I took it to church to show to my friends after Mass. One of them is a photographer, and the others are polite enough to humor my foibles . . .

It so happened that there was a reception afterward for a newly-ordained priest, a man I met a few years ago while he was a seminarian assigned to our parish. So I got to practice photographing an actual event, rather than the no-pressure stuff I normally shoot. Things were going well until I realized, at the end, that I’d had the lens on Manual Focus the whole time. Consequently, my subjects were all just slightly out of focus, while the backgrounds of all the pictures were razor sharp. I was majorly dejected. But it was a lesson well learned, and I can be glad that these were low-stakes photos, no money or friendships involved . . . but still. That’s so amateur!


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