Let a stranger pick your baby’s name

From the Wall Street Journal: I guess people are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to picking names for their children (i.e., they are freaking out). They want something snappy, not trendy, and that will give their children a “corporate edge” when time comes for them to get jobs.

This means a lot more “made-up” names. In that respect, I think some of our foreign friends have a better system than we do:

In Germany, the government still bans invented names and names that don’t clearly designate a child’s sex. Sweden and Denmark forbid names that officials think might subject a child to ridicule. Swedish authorities have rejected such names as Veranda, Ikea and Metallica.

A few that have come across my path in recent weeks: Slivy, Jenifer, Ginnifer, Raluca. Don’t forget Orange’jello and Lemon’jello . . . I’m serious. And I was helped the other day at Home Depot by a woman named Na’Stashia. As Russ said in National Lampoon’s Vacation, “Is that made up? That sounds made up.”


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