The obligatory iPhone post

The new iPhone is here! The new iPhone is here!

All I’ve been hearing about for a week is iPhone. Call me skeptical, but I don’t see how this little product is worth all the hype. I’m not “anti-iPhone” or anything—I think it looks fantastic, and the videos at convinced me that it does everything and does it all very well (better than regular phones: you can retrieve your messages in any order, rather than being forced to sit through them in sequence). I wouldn’t mind owning one myself, even, if I could somehow get around the $500 price tag.

I’m probably a Scrooge about the whole thing because I don’t use the phone that much. Last month I made or received 64 calls for a total of 290 minutes. About half were night/weekend minutes, which means that I made about one phone call a day during “business hours”. If I had people calling me all day, leaving messages, sending time-sensitive work-related e-mails, then I imagine I’d have more fellow-feeling with everyone who stood in line for hours yesterday to get an iPhone.

But maybe not—I doubt that many of the early-adopters were in a work situation that was simply not feasible for one more day without the iPhone. More than work productivity, the motivating factor was probably the thrill of being the first explorer of new territory, combined with the satisfaction that comes from getting new toys. Joe testifies to this on his blog, and while it’s foreign to me so far as the iPhone is concerned, I couldn’t sleep for two days before my new camera arrived at my doorstep . . . and then couldn’t sleep for 3-5 days AFTERWARD because I was thinking about taking pictures. So I’m not immune.

But still: can you believe the hype surrounding this little phone? Amazing. Oh, to be in Apple’s position: not only able to cause long lines to form to buy your product, but having to limit the amount they could throw at you to $1,000 (two basic iPhones), in order to avoid charges of unfairness! Irate Apple Store customer: “What? I can only drop $1,000 on phones here today? Bummer!”


3 Responses to “The obligatory iPhone post”

  1. joe Says:

    The line thing was a first for me. It was a lot of fun and I think it was even better because it was an apple product. I think you found how you identify when you got to the part about your camera. New toys are fun!

    As for the cost factor, cosider that you get a pda, a phone, a video iPod, and essentially a mini laptop for $500. All in a revolutionary new package. How is that not a good deal?

    I wrote this comment from my phone! This thing is so cool!

  2. Curly Says:

    Oh yeah? Well I’m replying to your comment from my camera! Just kidding. But seriously, the camera is way cool, too!

    Don’t get me wrong (and I don’t think you do), I would be stoked to get an iPhone. Actually, it makes more sense to me to wait in line for this than for, say, a Wii, or worse, for a specific game. Or worse yet . . . the final Harry Potter novel.

    And to dispel any suspicions that I may be posturing as being above all such things: I bought Van Halen’s OU812 the day it came out. Ouch.

    Rock on, brotha.

  3. Joe Says:

    Anyone who’s above being passionate about something to the point of doing a some slightly crazy stuff might as well take the big dirt nap.

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