Moore’s “Sicko” again

From a NY Times editorial. The author criticizes the film as “unashamedly one-sided, superficial, overstated and occasionally suspect in its details,” but judges that Moore is “right” about the undeniable flaws in the way this country provides health care”.

Even so, he criticizes Moore’s inclusion of Cuba in his picture of health care “nirvana” provided by other countries—“a needlessly provocative choice that detracts from the main message.” And then there’s this minor point:

Mr. Moore makes much of the fact that the World Health Organization ranked the United States 37th in an evaluation of health systems, only one notch above Slovenia. He failed to mention that it was two notches above Cuba.

No problem treating the WHO report as gospel truth when it supports us, and ignoring it when it counters us. Trust us, moviegoer: you don’t need all the data.

Thanks, Mike—we can always count on you to give us the straight dope!


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