Engrish battery instructions

I bought some extra camera batteries made in China, and they came with a TWO-SIDED instruction sheet! At first I thought, toss it, but then the Engrish caught my eye. Overall, it’s pretty well done, with only a few flubs. Repeating the same information three times is really its worst fault. Anyway, here are some selections:

Congratulations upon your selection on this Replacement product. [Etc.]
(Makes me feel proud that I chose THIS battery.)

Note: All mentions of “the battery” in the following precautions refer to this Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

* Don not use Or leave the battery near open flame, near a heater, in a direct sunlight, in a closed vehicle parked in the sun, [etc]

* [Putting the battery in water] can cause deterioration of it’s its performance and loss of service life.

* Should the battery emit a strange odor or heat, change color or shape, or exhibit any other abnor-mal behavior while it is in use, being recharged, or in storage, immediately remove it from the camera or charger unit and do not use it any more.
(Is it a problem that when it’s in the camera it’s not visible?)

* If the battery does not achieves full charge after the normal charging time has passed, stop charging Continued charging. Creates the risk of overheating, fire, and explosion.

* This battery initially not charged. Be sure to charger the battery before using it for the first time.

* [Warm up batteries in pocket before use in cold weather.] If you are using a pocket heater, make sure that the battery goes not done into direct contact with it.
(Pocket heater? Is that for real? It goes not done.)


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