Not my regular church

Was visiting a friend in the Dallas area this weekend, so my foot crossed the threshold of a Protestant church for the first time in several months. (I have been in a few different ones during non-worship hours more recently, for concerts or sightseeing.) Doctrinally, I found nothing objectionable about this church. But their style of worship ain’t mine . . . a seeming eternity of repetitious praise songs before a nearly hour-long sermon. Each song lasted a good 5 minutes, which, in the absence of instrumental sections to relieve the barrage of words words words, is technically forever.

The sermon was more words words words. In fact, there wasn’t a single part of the service that wasn’t words. Again, I’m glad that they were sound and sensible words, but the divine can also be met in silence, and in the nonverbal.

Here’s part of the music. I only post it because the animation of the guy in the front row amuses me, and the two little girls are kind of funny, too.


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