Why the law of nature is not necessarily normative for human beings

Was browsing the website for the American Museum of Natural History, which currently has an exhibit on frogs. I laughed out loud when I read the following description of the African bullfrog:

African bullfrogs grow up to eight inches in diameter and eat almost anything that moves. They are able to live without food or water for months by digging underground. When the rains arrive, they emerge to eat and mate. The male guards the tadpoles, which swim around him for protection. While protecting the swimming tadpoles, he also feeds on them. After metamorphosis, froglets often eat their smaller siblings.

I have read arguments that homosexuality is okay because we can see it happening among animal species. Apply this rule universally and you would get a sticky-fingered cashier trying to defend himself in court by pointing to the African bullfrog . . . protect what’s given to your charge, but help yourself, too!


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