Ganglion cyst chronicle, part 2; and Quik inquiry

I didn’t see the orthopedist today after all. He was called for jury duty. My new appointment is for next Tuesday, so I guess he wasn’t selected for the jury.

Has anyone bought any chocolate Nestlé Quik recently? Last time I bought it I got the “no sugar added” variety. I don’t remember if I just didn’t see the regular kind, or if, in a state of temporary insanity, I thought that adding no sugar was somehow a good thing. But this kind of Quik is rough and granular, whereas the strawberry Quik I have—which is NOT “no sugar added”—is fine and smooth. And tastes better.

The Nesquik website for parents (“”) says that all Nesquik is now with 25% less sugar. All I want to know is if all of it is now rough and granular.


One Response to “Ganglion cyst chronicle, part 2; and Quik inquiry”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I just checked my Sam’s club size of Nesquik and it looks powdery soft. HTH.

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