High School Musical 2

The NY Times informs me that “For the time being at least, the movie has made a trio of fictional high school students named Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay as recognizably Disney as that 79-year-old mouse.”

I confess that this evening was the first I’d heard of Troy, Gabriella, (USE THE EXTRA COMMA) and Sharpay, or “High School Musical,” 1 or 2. Does that make me the exception that proves the rule, or does it mean that the Times author overestimates these characters’ fame?


One Response to “High School Musical 2”

  1. Jon Says:

    It’s simply demographics. You’re not in it. I wasn’t in it when the first one came out… my kids were just a bit too young. But now they are excited about it because of what they hear from some of the older neighbor kids. But then we actually watched it. Then they got a little bored. It really is for the 9 – 14 yr olds. Now, whether or not this has the staying power to be so recognizable when your kids hit 9 years old remains to be seen.

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