Who says all Protestants ignore the Old Testament?

It’s not uncommon in my experience to find Protestants criticized for focusing more or less exclusively on the New Testament. But this article, entitled “Of Church and Steak,” (get it? we live in a theocracy headed by the ultra-pious George W. Bush, so it’s no wonder we can’t keep these things separate!), shows a “new breed” (ahem) of evangelical Christian: the kosher beef farmer. The North Dakota farmer profiled is named Scott Lively, and it’s all OT, all the time with him.

Mr. Lively adheres to a diet he believes Jesus followed. Like Mr. Wiesenfeld, he says the Bible prescribes that he use organic methods to respect the earth, treat his workers decently and treat the cattle that enter his slaughterhouse as humanely as possible.

“We learn everything from the Old Testament,” Mr. Lively said, “from keeping kosher to responsible capitalism.”

I reckon he means, “we learn everything about the cattle biz from the Old Testament,” since if he learned everything from it, he’d be Jewish instead of Christian. Even this, though, seems pushing it. This was the first I heard of capitalism in the ancient world, as well. Aside from loaves and fishes, and some wine, do we have any other record of Jesus’ diet? I can’t think of anything else, and beef is sounding kind of out of place, to my mind. Maybe I should check out The Maker’s Diet. (Or not.) Or listen a Joel Osteen sermon like “Living at your ideal weight.” (No longer available online, but it was last year. Who says that all Protestants pay attention to the Old OR New Testament?)

And if anybody has any idea where Lively gets the Biblical “prescription” to use organic methods, do tell!


2 Responses to “Who says all Protestants ignore the Old Testament?”

  1. Jon Says:

    Who says that all Catholics pay attention to the Old OR New Testament? I thought Catholics weren’t supposed to read their Bibles. Or is there a new breed of Catholic out there?



  2. Curly Says:

    I hear ya . . . I know one “Catholic” who isn’t sure we can believe the Gospels, because we don’t know who wrote them. But for some reason he’s sure that all the parts HE likes are true. Go figure.

    I was trying to be nice here, by inserting the word “all”—clearly Osteen is not representative of all Protestants, and clearly many Protestants value the whole Bible (well, with the exception of the so-called Apocrypha, and, if you’re Martin Luther, the book of James).

    The “new breed” quip was supposed to be a joke tied in to the subject of cattle ranching. Can’t win them all!


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