CNN: New Orleans is blameless

From “Tale of two cities: Biloxi and New Orleans“, with my italics and boldface:

“People need to realize that we’re rewriting the chapters. We’re in unchartered territory because no city has ever gone through what we’ve encountered over the last two years,” said New Orleans Councilman-at-Large Arnie Fielkow. “When you look at the cause of our situation, the massive failure of a flood protection system caused by the negligence of our federal government, we’re trying to pick up the pieces in a way that we can rebuild New Orleans to a better place than it was pre-Katrina.”

Naturally Arnie Fielkow, being a New Orleans Councilman, is biased in favor of the city government. He’s going to point fingers at the federal government and say it was their fault the levees broke. But when CNN prints his comments without even mentioning the possibility that some blame may lie with the city government, that’s lame. It’s not as if they were unplagued by any corruption or other shortcomings.

I expect this kind of stuff from Kanye West, not “the most trusted name in news”.

One Response to “CNN: New Orleans is blameless”

  1. Mark Says:

    In this case I don’t think it’s CNN’s responsibility to try to discredit the opinions of one of their sources. The councilman is obviously biased, he’s not going to blame himself or his people. And the Army Corps of Engineers does have a big helping of blame in the levee failure, so there’s that.

    They do mention at the end “several bright spots”, so they are not totally clueless. Actually, for CNN I thought the article was fairly well done.

    What it really proves, however, is that you hate black people.

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